Acupuncture Menue

Initial Consultation Fee :¥2000

On your first visit to our clinic we will set long and short -term goals for treatment and give you a realistic idea of what can be achived and how long this will take.

Acupuncture treatment (60~80min)¥6000

Our tailored approach allows you to receive both Traditional Chines Medison and Orthopedic Acupuncture customized for you and your health needs.

It will take about 80minutes to complete the treatmnt with face side and back side respectively.

Flow of the treatment

Treatment Ticket 1Set ¥25000 (¥5000×5 Tickets)

Validity within 3 months from purchase date

We provide this ticket for the client, who are requried to get the treatment regularly.

Optional menue (You can add to an acupuncure treatment)

We recommend the conbination of acpupuncure and manual therapy espacially for Ortopedic Disease.
Becouse bringing the body back into proper aligment reduce pain,improve flexibility and energy and reduce mascle tension.

Graston Technique (10min~) ¥1000~  For after Sergery  Find out more here

Deep tissue Massage (30min~)¥3000~ For Musculoskeltal problems

Oil Massage (30min~) ¥4500~ For Stress and anxiety disorders

*Credit Card is not accepted

Cancellation Policy

If you you cannot make an appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. Cancellation on the day is subject to the fee¥1000.